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Freeware Software Hotel bookin by LeoGa

Freeware Software HOtel
This Software for Bookin Hotel simple n very simple
How to install:
1. First you can download and install this component for need, click here 2. After finish you can download and extract this file inventory control Download link in above
3. Enjoy

Bagaimana saya menginstall
1.  Pertama anda harus download dan menginstall komponen terlebih dahulu klik click here
2. Setelah selesai kamu bisa mendownload dan extract file aplikasi , link nya ada dibawah 

password : myleoga_isthebest

Component V3 by LeoGa

This file from distribution to Leoga App. version 3 beta

This  file password : all_mycomponent_from_leoga

Lock LeoGa by LeoGa

This Profesionel tool from PC, 

At the request of colleagues about the danger of presenting LeoGa RECYCLER virus free products, aimed at preventing the spread of the virus RECYCLER. RECYCLER virus appears each sikorban folder by displaying the folder RECYCLER in every drive that affect the HDD or HDD capacity has narrowed. The virus is spread through flasdisk and scan the exe file. This has triggered RECYCLER components include: ctfmon.exe, MDM.exe and wdfmgr.exe. according to various sources RECYCLER folder is a bug from ServicePack Windows 7, but based on the research there is some wind updater Virus Maker is then used as a way of deployment.
The working principle LoclLeoGa 2.0
1. Process terminating or Stop the Virus ctfmon.exe
2. Both scans each folder such as local hard drives or removable flash
3. Spoofing and attacking or vandalism of virus files
4. Duplication itself like a virus which then block the virus nets
5. LockLeoGa 1.0 No need to install fairly run alone.
6. Exe files that have been exposed as a trigger RECYCLER RECYCLER must be installed back to the sterile

Birthday Notes , My Contact application by LeoGa

LeoGa dedicate your relationship recorder program, this application serves to record data birthday, name, address and others. desktop type application, this application can help you in managing:
1. Customers
2. Relatives
3. Families
4. Friend
5. Etc.

License: Free
Minimum requirements for running the device does not require sophisticated computer simply by using a minimum Pentium II, 64 Mb This application was able to run well. The application weighs only 240KB, very small when compared to other similar applications

The windows-based application, before you use this application, we recommend to install the product components leoga, which can be found here.

How to install:
1. First you can download and install this component for need, click here 2. After finish you can download and extract this file inventory control Download link in above
3. Enjoy

Bagaimana saya menginstall
1.  Pertama anda harus download dan menginstall komponen terlebih dahulu klik click here
2. Setelah selesai kamu bisa mendownload dan extract file aplikasi , link nya ada dibawah 

how to install:
1. Download the first
2. Upon download is complete, click Mycontact.exe
3. Done

Please enter a password to unlock: world_of_leoga

BBM for Gingerbeard ver 1.1.0

At the time this article we do not want to discuss about the price of the phone for a while , but this discussion is related to mobile phone , yup we will discuss How to Download and Install BBM on Android Gingerbread , which is one request from our friend and visitors who want to use the BBM application to Android .

BBM app for android is one of the most popular apliaksi android phone users , the chat application to become a trending topic in recent months , and of course bbm for android app is one of the factors increasing the sale of mobile phone operating system Android , we can not deny it all , with this blackberry chat applications owned or belonging to a local mobile phone sales leading vendors experienced a significant increase in almost by the whole world, not least Indonesia .

After I 've made ​​a previous article that discusses fuel for android that you can read here ( HP Samsung The Support Application For Android BBM ) and here ( BBM Android Application Apk Download ) all of which is information about the application , so that on this occasion we want to provide information about How to Download and install Android Gingerbread fuel in the course of the information provided other than the two earlier article , usually android phone can use the minimum fuel applications using android version 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) , but the actual fuel can be installed in android android phone with Android 2.3 or commonly known as Android Gingerbread

Download Komponen LeoGa

To qualify the software installation and so we created software that can run smoothly on your computer, a component needs to be supported. Components we created a system component that we made environments.

This component can run on Windows XP operating system, Seven, Win8. Leoga component has a full function, among others,

The minimum specs needed to run:
1. The Pentium IV 1.8GHz
2. Ram 256 Mb
3. HDDs min. 100mb

To Run:
1. Download LeoGa first component (*)
2. When finished, click the icon Extract File
3. Having Extract >> 2x click the setup icon
4. Continue by clicking next,
5. Clicks "I approve"
6. Continue until finished
7. Note: if you require to restart, please click the "I will restart later"

Thank you for using our products, I hope LeoGa can provide appropriate products and helpful to us all. regards

Diperlukan komponen pendukung antara lain
1. Framework Komponen Esensi v3.0= komponen pendukung utama saja, yang bisa di download disini
2. Framework Komponen Full v3.0 = komponen pendukung + ODBC + driver modem yang bisa di download disini

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